• Arm Lift
• Body Contouring after Major Weight Loss
• Breast Augmentation
• Breast Lift
• Breast Reconstruction
• Liposuction
• Breast Reduction for Men & Women
• Ear Surgery
• Eyelid Surgery
• Nose Surgery
• Tummy Tuck
• Facelift

Non-Invasive Surgery:
• Botox
• Fillers
• Dermaplaning
• Microneedling
• Chemical peels

Procedures can be divided into categories such as breast enhancement, facial rejuvenation and body contouring.


Weight loss, pregnancy, and aging can bring many unwanted changes on your body. Fortunately, Dr. Gutter offers body procedures that can restore a proportional figure. For a comprehensive treatment, many of these procedures can be combined in a single operation.


Dr. Gutter can augment, reshape or reconstruct a woman's breasts. If you are not satisfied with the size, shape or position of your breasts, you may want to consider one of these procedures.


Facial plastic surgery procedures can rejuvenate your facial features to address signs of aging. Dr. Gutter can also reshape specific areas of the face to improve balance and proportion.

Non-Surgical Procedures

Minimally-invasive treatments can even out your skin tone, increase cell turnover, promote cell growth and stimulate collagen production to help the skin retain its softness and reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

Refresh your face with a chemical peel that is tailored to YOUR needs, downtime, and look! It's the perfect way to rejuvenate your skin without having a surgical procedure done. We offer four different types of peels to fit your need.

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